This is the start of my senior year gamedev blog! I’m used to blogging in a much more freeform format on tumblr and twitter, but I’m putting my day to day experiences into a more clean format here. My approach to art is pretty frenetic and i tackle a few too many projects sometime. Hopefully this blog can keep up! There will be posts regarding personal projects, and about the development of my senior game.

During the first two weeks of school, a lot of thought has been put into my senior game. We will be working on this project for a whole semester, and hopefully a whole school year if it is approved to go forward. As of now, my team has to pick between two concepts.

SkyMech: a space dogfighting game that lets you touch down on enemy ships. Vlambeer-inspired.

rpgCLUBS: a grid-based rpg with a focus on party spell combos and quick maneuvers.

Both of these ideas satisfy my love for character design, which is my biggest strength i want to bring to the table. SkyMech will likely feature one player character, which will get a lot of attention and detail. rpgCLUBS will have a greater number, including enemies. This will be an exercise in budgeting character designs while keeping things distinct, a challenge which i’m up for.

We’re working on bringing these two ideas to a prototype phase, and then choosing one to go forward with. I got some valuable tips from my professor in Montreal during spring regarding placeholder assets. Rather than overthinking assets that are supposed to be rough, I was told to embrace the nature of a placeholder and literally sketch them out. Basically, use the quickest and dirtiest method possible to get these assets into the game, because they won’t be there in the final products. This is especially important, since for our senior project we’re developing two prototypes. I need to make sure I can fill them up with enough substance to help us evaluate our choice properly.